Gmail Gives You One More Reason to Get In the Address Book

Address BookGetting subscribers to whitelist you sure is a popular permission email marketing topic lately.

Fresh on the heels of Yahoo’s announcement that users can choose to view only emails from their contacts, Gmail is making a change of its own that makes email from contacts more usable and readable than email from non-contacts.

They’re not making a separate inbox for contacts, but they are changing one important part about how they treat emails from certain contacts:

Images On By Default For (Some) Contacts

Gmail recently announced that they’ll be enabling images for certain people in users’ contact lists.

The details:

  1. You must be in the Gmail user’s contact list.
  2. You must be authenticating your emails using SPF or DKIM (AWeber does).
  3. The Gmail user must have sent you at least 2 emails. (They note that this is a starting-out threshold that may change.)

Read the announcement on the official Gmail blog.

“You Mean Subscribers Have to Email ME?”

Yep – getting them to list you in their address books is step #1, but they’ll also have to email you a couple times before images will be on by default.

But that’s OK. In fact, it’s a great reason to do something you should already be doing anyway: ask your subscribers for feedback!

Have them email you their thoughts on your emails…

  • What they like
  • What they don’t like
  • What they want you to discuss in future emails

… and not only will you be on your way to meeting Gmail’s requirements for having images on by default, you’ll gain invaluable insight into how you can improve your emails.