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Email marketing case studies

The Many Benefits of Engaging People’s Curiosity in Your Emails

By Justin Premick

My name is Benny Lewis, and I don’t have much experience in Internet marketing. I actually blog about rapid language learning. But a year ago I started an email newsletter for my blog and have been getting an excellent return out of it. How do I do it? I inject some personality into it, and I use people’s curiosity to get them on my list and keep them reading!

When Should a Popover Form Appear?

By Crystal Gouldey

Question: Would you ask a visitor to do something right away, or after they’ve had some time to get to know you?

4 Tips For Using Frequent Email Deals To Sell More

By Crystal Gouldey

Online retailers rejoiced at the news their email marketing campaigns are eagerly read by consumers. This report showed that nearly half of those surveyed said they look forward to finding the latest deals in their inbox.

Email Segmentation Lifts Sales Over $31,000

By Justin Premick

Over the past week or so, we’ve talked about email segmentation a few times. While the three posts did show you how to segment your subscribers, they didn’t talk much about why you should do so, or what to say to different groups. Some of you asked about this.

Social Proof Tool Boosts Landing Page Conversion 32.4%

By Justin Premick

The recent release of a new subscriber count chicklet met a mixed response. We’ve read plenty of positive comments on the blogs who covered this feature. But there were definitely others (both in the release post’s comments and on other blogs) who doubted the usefulness of such a feature.