Email Segmentation Lifts Sales Over $31,000

Segmentation PathsOver the past week or so, we’ve talked about email segmentation a few times.

While the three posts did show you how to segment your subscribers, they didn’t talk much about why you should do so, or what to say to different groups. Some of you asked about this.

Well, just the other day, AWeber user Yaro Starak talked about those very things on his blog, sharing how they helped him raise sales over $31,000.

A couple thoughts on his experience and results:

(If you haven’t done so already, go read Yaro’s post before continuing – it’ll put my comments below in much better context!)

  1. He started by communicating with all subscribers evenly ? in other words, not segmenting.While it might seem counterintuitive, often sending a few emails without segmenting is the start of a good segmentation campaign.

    If you’re going to segment based on what different people are responding to… you have to give them a chance to respond first!

  2. Rather than just re-email the same message to non-openers, he tried different message content.In reading/listening to some marketers, I get the impression some people think the only or “best” segmenting tactic is to resend the same message to people who didn’t open it the first time.

    I’m all for exposing potential customers to a product multiple times, but this isn’t the only way to use segmentation (it’s one possible way, but you need to test it against different original content too!).

    Good on ya for testing, Yaro.

  3. He merged previously segmented groups back together, based on later actions.Segmentation doesn’t have to be complicated (though you can make it that way if you like… ;) ).

    Yaro sent the third message to people who clicked through on either of the first 2 messages.

    While this won’t always apply to your campaigns, if 2 different groups that you previously segmented start to show similarities, it may make sense to again treat them as one more uniform group.

Your Thoughts On Email Segmentation?

My notes certainly aren’t the only ideas you might take away from Yaro’s experience.

What approaches to email segmentation do you think you can take for your business?

Are there other ways you might have segmented in his example?

Share your thoughts below!

Note: segmenting based on opens and clicks is a feature of our Email Web Analytics tools.

If you signed up for AWeber on or after May 20, 2008 these tools are automatically included in your account; if you signed up before then, you can upgrade here.