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The Many Benefits of Engaging People’s Curiosity in Your Emails

By Justin Premick

My name is Benny Lewis, and I don’t have much experience in Internet marketing. I actually blog about rapid language learning. But a year ago I started an email newsletter for my blog and have been getting an excellent return out of it. How do I do it? I inject some personality into it, and I use people’s curiosity to get them on my list and keep them reading!

Memorial Day Support Hours 2011

By Justin Premick

AWeber’s support offices will be closed on Monday May 30, 2011 as we observe Memorial Day.

As always, we will monitor the AWeber system and the support inbox to address any critical issues.

We’ll be back at 8:00AM Eastern Time on Tuesday, May 31st to answer your questions by phone, email and live online chat.

Thanks, and have a great holiday!

Core Values: Our Blueprint for Success

By Justin Premick

Even though AWeber is constantly evolving, one thing remains the same: our Core Values define the AWeber family. Only they’ve changed a little too, so we want to share them with you and give AWeber employees the chance to explain why they really sum up what makes AWeber an awesome place to work.

Want 60-70% Open Rates on Your Emails? Here’s How I Do It

By Justin Premick

This is a guest post by Andreas of London Cyclist.

He contacted me asking if he could share how he’s achieved increased open rates for his email marketing campaigns. I think you’ll enjoy his story and advice.

Take it away, Andreas! -Justin Premick

Listening in awe to a highly accomplished blogger about how she built her email list, I only had one burning question in my mind.

When the presentation was over, I eagerly worked my way through the crowd and asked: “I’m getting email open rates between 60-70%… what can I do to get it higher?”

The blogger looked at me a little shocked.

It Turns Out 60-70% Constitutes a High Open Rate

She sat down with me and we pinned down the key things that were contributing to the success.

Four of these you can easily implement in the next hour, while the last one will take a little longer.

Whilst I wouldn’t recommend you use email open rate as your only key metric, it’s one of those things that as email marketers our eyes can’t help drifting towards.

Here’s how I maximize mine.

Find Your Perfect Time and Stick To It

Through testing I’ve found the perfect time to send out my emails. Now, I stick to it religiously.

To achieve the same result, try split testing your emails and seeing which one receives the highest engagement.

Once you’ve found the perfect time, deliver on it consistently. This way subscribers come to expect it. Most of my subscribers get to work, flip open their email and grab a cup of tea while they read my newsletter.

Use The Headline and First Sentence Effectively

We all know a well written headline will tempt someone to open an email. But did you know there’s a another key thing subscribers see when they are deciding whether to open your email or not?

It’s the first sentence inside the email. I’m often disappointed to see most email marketers are missing this opportunity to lure people into reading the email.

I typically receive emails where the first line inside the email reads: “Click here if you cannot see this email correctly”. Hardly attention grabbing!

The first item in my email newsletter is my logo. I’ve set the alternative text inside the logo to a secondary headline I use to lure people into the email.

The HTML You Need For This

<a href=”” ><img src=”Put the URL of your logo here” alt=”Put your secondary headline here” border=”0″ /></a>

Deliver Exclusivity

My subscribers often receive content that is not available on the blog.

Whether that be an exclusive competition, a new article or something a little bit more personal about me or the site that I wouldn’t share on the blog. This gives subscribers an extra reason to be vigilant about opening my emails.

My open rates often skyrocket when there is content in the newsletter that cannot be found elsewhere.

Draw People Into the Next Email

Another method to make sure people are opening the emails you are sending out is to point out what is coming up next. If one of the topics in your next email strikes their interest then they’ll look out for it. I do this by simply having a “Next Week” section at the bottom of my e-mails.

The Big Secret

The above four techniques can be instantly applied to great effect. The final suggestion takes a little longer.

If you sat me down in a quiet cafe and pushed me further on the techniques that have worked I would lean back, scratch my head and tell you this:

Treat your email subscribers like you treat your best friends. Take an interest in them, learn what their needs and fears are and then create content and products that will suit them perfectly. Then they will always be eager for your next email.

Your Steps to Take for Higher Open Rates

  • Create an email schedule. Deliver emails consistently and make sure readers know when to expect them
  • Make sure the first sentence readers see isn’t “Click here if you cannot see this email correctly”
  • In your next email think about what extra content you can give that hasn’t be seen before
  • Hint towards what content is coming up to draw people into the next email
  • Get to know your audience so you can cater your offers and content to them

Andreas Kambanis started London Cyclist when he saw the need for a place for casual cyclists to meet and exchange tips online. He uses email marketing to sell his own products such as the London Cycle Routes eBook and affiliate offers. You can check out his newsletter here.

Meet AWeber at SXSW 2011

By Justin Premick

Meet AWeber at SXSWAre you headed to South by Southwest (SXSW) 2011?

Sean Cohen and I (Justin) will be there from Friday, March 11 until Tuesday, March 15. We’re looking forward to a busy few days of interesting sessions and discussions with businesses about how they’re growing and marketing themselves.

We always love meeting AWeber customers and other smart people, so if you’re going to be down there, let us know!

You can reach us through Twitter – Sean is @scohen and I’m @justinpremick. We’ll also be tweeting from the @AWeber account, so if you’re not going to be there, follow us for updates from the show (you can also follow the #SXSW hashtag, but with thousands of people attending, it may be a lot to digest).

Hope to see you there!


Meet Us at MarketingSherpa’s 2011 Email Summit

By Justin Premick

MarketingSherpa Email SummitAWeber will be at MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit from Monday 1/24/11 until Wednesday 1/26/11.

If you’re headed to the conference, we’d love to meet you. Amanda and I (Justin) are going, so keep a look out for us or drop @aweber a line on Twitter.

If you’re not going to be there, you can keep up with what’s happening and the data and lessons being shared, by following the #SherpaEmail hashtag on Twitter.

Hope to see you there!

Christmas and New Year’s Support Hours

By Justin Premick

Please note that AWeber’s support offices will be closed on the following days as we spend time with our loved ones during the holidays:

  • Friday, December 24, 2010
  • Saturday, December 25, 2010
  • Friday, December 31, 2010
  • Saturday, January 1, 2011

As always, we’ll be keeping an eye on our service and the support inbox to address any urgent issues.

We’ll return on the following Mondays (December 27 and January 3) at 8:00 a.m. EST to answer your questions by phone, email and live chat.

Thanks, and have a great holiday!

Support Hours – Thanksgiving 2010

By Justin Premick

On Thursday, November 25, we’ll be eating turkey, seeing family, watching football, and generally enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday.

Our support offices will be closed, but rest easy — the AWeber software is still coming to work Thursday. We’ll be keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t try to take the day off, too 😉

We’ll be back in the office at 8:00AM on Friday, November 26, so if you have any questions on Thursday email us and we’ll get back to you then.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Link Tank: SEO Videos, Stock Photos and Kermit The Frog’s Inbox

By Justin Premick

Link Tank is our way of showing you some of the interesting, useful, thought-provoking and other eye-catching stuff we come across. For more of these, see the Link Tank tag.

Aaron at SEO Book points out several handy videos on SEO basics.

If you grit your teeth every time your marketing questions are answered with, “It depends,” find out why it really does depend.

Is your product a vitamin (nice to have, but doesn’t fill a desperate need)? Turn it into an aspirin!

Using stock photos and other generic images on your site or in your emails? According to Jacob Nielsen, you might want to rethink that. (Hat tip: @putorti.)

If you need a playful pick-me-up, take a peek at Kermit the Frog’s inbox.

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Link Tank: MySpace’s Fall, Email Don’ts, The Value of a Social “Share”

By Justin Premick

Link Tank is our way of showing you some of the interesting, useful, thought-provoking and other eye-catching stuff we come across. For more of these, see the Link Tank tag.

A few years ago, MySpace was the “undisputed king of social media.” What can your business learn from its fall?

Malcolm Gladwell talks about new media’s use in organizing and activism.

In a recent comic, The Oatmeal offers a few email etiquette pointers.

Some are simple, others flashy. All 45 of these email newsletter designs are all worth a look.

Eventbrite shares the value of a social “share.”

Do you use email the same way your subscribers use email? You might be surprised.