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Amanda Gagnon is the former Education Manager for AWeber and has started a number of small businesses.

How Consumers Are Shopping For The 2013 Holidays

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 12/10/2013

Shoppers crowded outside automatic doors, their puffs of cold breath in the frosty air, as always. But that might have been the only thing that remained the same for this year’s Thanksgiving weekend shopping. Several retailers opened early, offline merchants capitalized on Cyber Monday and even the sales figures broke with tradition: Black Friday Total […]

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Happy Thanksgiving! Our 2013 Support Hours

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 11/27/2013

This Thursday, November 28, the AWeber Customer Solutions office will be closed. But though we’ll be spending time with our families and friends, we’ll also be keeping tabs to make sure your accounts are running smoothly. We’ll be back in the office at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, November 29, so if you have any questions […]

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Email Strategy: When The Government Shuts Down

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 10/03/2013

Using news stories to guide email content demands a very important balance between sending relevant, interesting messages and capitalizing on an unfortunate situation. The simple rule of thumb: If the news isn’t positive, do not try to make a sale. Take the recent government shutdown, for example. Everyone is hearing about it, discussing it and […]

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Get Your Emails Delivered (A Guide)

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 07/30/2013

Mr. Email Marketer is hard at work at his desk, firing off emails. He’s doing a great job – he’s got link tracking set up and alt text in place – and he’s feeling kind of sassy. He’s been pleased by a recent upsurge in clicks through to his site, but today as he keeps […]

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Gmail’s New Inbox Tabs: Marketers, You Can Relax

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 07/23/2013

Gmail recently reorganized inboxes into several tabbed spaces. Like Outlook’s Clean Sweep or Gmail’s already-existing Priority Inbox, it’s one more way to divide incoming emails into categories. One of those tabs is “Promotions,” designated for offers and marketing newsletters. Another is “Updates,” for more transactional messages (receipts, bills and the like). The bottom line? Your […]

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Updated: Yahoo Releasing Email Addresses Monday, July 15

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 07/08/2013

In the next 7 days, all email campaigns need to take this step. Yahoo accounts are closing – specifically, those that haven’t been logged into in 12 months will close. Shortly thereafter, they will be released for the public to claim. Some Of These Addresses May Be On Your Lists Since this post was originally […]

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Support Hours – Independence Day 2013

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 07/03/2013

AWeber’s customer support office will be closed on Thursday, July 4 while we celebrate America’s Independence Day. For those of you celebrating with us, we wish you a happy holiday! As always, we’ll be keeping an eye on things to address any critical issues, and we’ll return on Friday at 8:00 am EDT. See you […]

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The (Easy) Secret To 1,375% More Subscribers

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 05/06/2013

“To lightbox or not to lightbox, that is the question.” – Shakespeare’s most over-adapted (because it’s perfect) quote You’re browsing a site and suddenly, a form pops up in your face, blocking the page with an offer you didn’t ask for. Obnoxious, right? But plenty of sites use lightboxes to request email subscriptions. The common […]

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Spring 2013 Marketing Trend Report

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 04/01/2013

Fashion designers get them. Auto shops get them. Economists get them. Why shouldn’t you get a marketing trend report? We decided you should, so here it is. Research (as linked to below) shows that new marketing trends this spring are: Long-Form Content For a long time, the experts, such as they are, have been saying […]

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Easter Support Hours 2013

Posted by Amanda Gagnon on 03/28/2013

Our support offices will be closed for the Easter holiday on Good Friday, March 29 and Easter Sunday, March 31. We’ll be here to answer your questions on Saturday, March 30, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We’ll resume business as usual on Monday, April 1. If you have any questions on Friday or Sunday, […]

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