Example of How to Use Global Fields: Our New Phone #

We recently set up an easy-to-remember phone number for you to contact us: 1-877-AWEBER-1

In addition to making remembering how to get in touch with our Customer Solutions Team easier, this presents an opportunity to answer a question that I never really was able to demonstrate very well when customers asked:

What good are Global Fields? How would I use them?

In this instance, using Global Fields saved me a lot of time updating our various customer, affiliate and prospect newsletters. Here’s how:

What Global Fields Do

Global fields are kind of like personalization variables that store and display information about you instead of information about your subscribers.

For example, you can insert your signature file into any message using the {!signature} variable. This variable pulls information that you enter into your account at the Global Fields page.

If you ever wanted to change your signature, you would simply update it at the Global Fields page, instead of editing each of your messages individually.

How Global Fields Minimize Tedious Cutting-and-Pasting

If you’re subscribed to our Test Drive, or this blog’s newsletter, or our customer newsletter, you know that you can find our support contact information (phone numbers and hours of operation) near the end of any of the messages we send you.

Between all of our various lists, there are probably close to 100 follow up messages that display our phone number. You’d think changing it would be a lot of cutting and pasting.

The thing is, we don’t actually type the phone number into the emails. We created global fields for US Phone, International Phone, and Support Hours, and we inserted the appropriate variables into our emails:


So, instead of having to cut and paste 1-877-AWEBER-1 a hundred-plus times, I only had to do it once per list, at the Global Fields page:





That’s it! One change per list, which took a fraction of the time it would have if I’d had to edit 100+ messages individually.

What Else Can You Use Global Fields For?

Use them to insert any information about you or your business that might change periodically:

Store Hours
Contact Email Address
Mottos or Slogans
…and much more! You’re only limited by your imagination.

Oh, and About That Phone Number…

Just a reminder: the new toll-free phone number is 1-877-AWEBER-1.

AND, this toll-free number works from Canada, too! Those of you in the Great White North can get your questions answered toll-free, just like our users in the States.

The old 800-531-5065 number will continue to work for now, but we’ll probably phase it out eventually. If/when we do, we’ll let you know.