Just Because We Publish, Doesn’t Mean You Read

Leaving the MazeBetween our blog, knowledge base, and live seminars, we offer an abudance of information covering a wide range of best email marketing practices from different angles and through different mediums.

The depth and detail of these resources is expansive, and we’re continuously adding to them.

As much as we’d love to have each and every reader browse through it all, there’s so much information published that even now, it wouldn’t be possible to get through it all in an afternoon or possibly even a day.

If that were our only option, we might consider putting a hold on publishing new information, focusing on organizing and pushing the older information while it’s relevant. Fortunately, it isn’t…

Efficiently Leveraging Information

Like we preach in these resources, information needs to be provided in a consumable way for prospects, customers, or anyone who finds it if it is to be effective to promote the goals of our business.

Often times, this is where technologies like email and RSS come into play, so that information can be pushed to subscribers in “digestible bits” they can easily consume.

That’s why we offer both email and RSS subscriptions to our blog and why, as an email service, we provide an RSS to email feature for our customers.

A Brief Guide to Email Best Practices

So, pushing information over time is beneficial, especially when detail and depth are indispensible, as is often the case when we’re trying to educate our audiences.

But sometimes a resource summing up and abstracting the most important pieces of a larger whole is useful, especially for newcomers who may feel overwhelmed by an abundance of starting points.

A new article in our Knowledge Base collects some of the best and most important email marketing practices we’ve been writing and talking about for years.

New Years is just a few days away, so it’s a great time to make some resolutions about our email campaigns.

Use this article to focus on what’s most important for your campaigns.

Little known fact: there’s an RSS feed available for the Knowledge Base that provides updates on new articles as they are published.