How to Integrate Google Analytics with AWeber

Puzzle Pieces MergedLast week I published an article discussing the bounce rate metric in a web analytics application and how it can help a website owner make constructive decisions that improve their website and email marketing campaigns.

Studying the bounce rate requires only that you have some type of web analytics package running on your site. But if we want discuss most other metrics, we need a way to tie email and web analytics a bit closer together, and this was pointed out in the comments of my last post by a few thoughtful readers.

We hear you, and fortunately it’s not such a difficult thing to do, so we put together a short set of instructions on how to tie in an email marketing campaign with Google Analytics.

Why Google Analytics?

Because it’s free and powerful and is used by a lot of small businesses for those reasons. There are other great options out there, however, and although the setup may not be identical, you should be able to integrate using a similar process.

Put the Pieces Together

Email and the web may provide the most powerful marketing one-two punch today. By measuring their performance we can take it to the next level to better communicate with our customers and increase sales.

Take a few moments to get your web and email campaigns integrated today. You’ll be surprised how quickly you begin to see some data. But what do you do with it?

Stay tuned for more information on which reports will show you how well your campaigns are performing, and what to do to improve on your results.